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Faceless Objects - that is how an autist sees other people. Objects, not individuals. Biometrical data, not faces.

Each song is a journey of itself - Faceless Objects combines classic Stoner Metal with elements of Doom Metal, HipHop, Rock or Punk. Unusual, incisive rhythms are drawing the listener into a new world.  An elementary part of the music are psychedelic sounds which carry off into other spheres and move you into trance.

Faceless Objects was founded by Mike Seed and Ella Baphomet in 2020. Since the very beginning all work from compostion and production as well as video production and promotion is done by just the two of them. Since 2023 Faceless Objects is complete as a band and ready to take the listeners on a music journey live as well.

Mike  Guitars, Keys, Drums


Ella  Bass, Vocals

Our album "CONFUSED" will contain 10 tracks. The album tells a story like a book, each song is like a chapter in that book. The songs are released chronologically (each with a video) as they will appear on the album.
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