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Faceless Objects – that is how an autist is seeing the world and other people. Objects, not individuals. Biometric data, not faces.

Faceless Objects is a Psychedelic Stoner Metal Project from Austria (found. 2020) that is bringing a completely new kind of music to the world – combining classic Doom Metal with modern components.

Faceless Objects are Mike & Ella. From song idea to realization, recording, mixing and mastering, all video Production as well as promotion – everything is done by just the two of us. Because of our special connection as autists we complete and inspire us each day again and again.

Mike  Guitars, Keys, Drums


Ella  Bass, Vocals

Our album "CONFUSED" will contain 10 tracks. The album tells a story like a book, each song is like a chapter in that book. The songs are released chronologically (each with a video) as they will appear on the album. We are the storytellers, but it is very important to us to leave enough room for our listeners to find themselves, their lives and situations in our songs.
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