Faceless Objects - that's how an autistic sees people. Objects - not individuals, biometric data - not faces.

Coincidence or fate? Faceless Objects tells the story of two unique beings brought together. Feeling an instant deep connection, soon realizing they were of the same kind. Being alike and yet still being a completion of the other. One taking the other into their own world and guiding them through it. And by that, creating a completely new one.

Expressing emotions through music rather than talking, Mike & Ella of Faceless Objects take you into their world with a completely new kind of music. Enjoy the trip!

Mike  Guitars, Keys, Drums


Ella  Bass, Vocals

Faceless Objects are Mike & Ella... and that's it. From song idea to writing music and lyrics, playing, singing and studio recording, mixing and mastering as well as video shooting and cutting and all promotion work and management... it's only two persons. Because of our special connection as autists we complete and inspire each other every day. There's one thing we could not manage to do though... Mike can't play rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drums and keys all at once on stage. We tried... but didn't work out. So we are putting together a live crew for our tour in 2022.

Moritz Benzaiten  Rhm Guitar