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Don't know what is happening to me
What lies ahead I cannot see
I try to run, I try to hide
Confused is how I feel inside

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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Among the living but I'm dead
Can't stand the voices in my head
Been locked inside myself so long
All that's good just turned out wrong

I'm shocked - by the eyes of the unknown
I'm shocked - by a world yet to be shown
Never the same no more, no more
I'm shocked
Is it hell or heaven's door

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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How can I run away when my legs are broken
No need to argue with all words spoken
Breaking out, tryin' to fight
Breaking down with my hands bound tight
Longing to be free
Being chained for eternity

Tryin' to get up when I fall
With my back against the wall
Free is what I'm gonna be
Being chained for eternity

Is this what you were longing for
Not being in chains no more
Free is what you wanted to be
But weren't the chains what made you free

Longing to be free
Free is what I'm gonna be
Chained for eternity
Chained for eternity

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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Pain and fear keep growing
Their fists are showing
No doors in the wall around me
Left in darkness and agony
All my hope is gone
My life and path are done

Caught in a world that's dying
Can't see a reason to keep trying
Can't get away from feeling
Cannot escape from being lost

Kindness I was never shown
Left myself, was left alone
Stopped asking myself why
No more tears left to cry
With no exit in sight
I'm waiting for the guiding light

Leaving a world that's dying
Give me a reason to keep trying
Help me to break off feeling
Help me escape from being lost

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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Seeing colors instead of grey
From darkest night into bright day
Feeling joy instead of pain
To the sunshine from the rain
Despair was running deep
Now I’m waking from this sleep
Couldn’t move was feeling numb
Hopeless is what I had become

Now I’m rising from the dead
No more fear of what lies ahead
No turning back, the past is gone
The days of emptiness are done
No turning back, the past is gone
The days of emptiness are done
Gone is the life I knew
Reborn into something new

A blackened heart now starts beating
A tortured soul now stops bleeding
My eyes were closed but now I see
Who I was always meant to be
In utter silence now is sound
Was lost and now I’m found
Captured in my bitterness
Days and nights of loneliness

Imprisoned with a broken mind
Finally I left it all behind
Out into the world from isolation
From damnation to salvation
After all that I’ve been through
Now I’m Reborn into someone new

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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Confined in a space without air to breathe, slowly drifting away
Arising to spaces open and free, nothing can force me to stay
Desolation, no place to go walking the path of the damned
Arising to new grounds from places below, reaching the promised land

Drowning in sadness, flooded with fear, waiting for it to fall
I am the tide now, the flow is near, arising and growing tall
Arising from thoughts so broken and beat, leaving the place of the dead
Arising from ashes in darkness so deep, seeing the light up ahead

Here I am now
Taking a vow
I will be free
Nothing, nothing can break the force inside of me

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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I feel a burning sickness inside
Ruled by the merciless hand of fright
This dark fear is caging me
Taking me down, can't you see
I'm obsessed

Again and again, day after day
Hell is repetition, so they say
Can't blame no other than me
It's my own doing you see
That I'm obsessed

Thrown down a black hole
By the obsession in your soul
Peace you will not find
Cause of the obsession in your mind
Running the race from finish to start
Chasing the obsession in your heart
Strapped to your death bed
It’s just the obsession in your head

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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Starving, bleeding, screaming for help

You’re laughing there hearing me yelp

Scarred, beat, shattered and then left for dead

you’re watching me vanish in a sea of red

You won‘t kill this heart that‘s pure

Hear me out - my spirit will endure

This light of mine is not for you to take

Hear me out - I might bend but I don‘t break

While you keep declaring my demise

Like a phoenix from the ashes I shall rise

The last word has not been spoken

Come what may - this soul remains unbroken

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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Of no meaning seems my every word
Do I have to be forever silent to be heard?
Struggling to finally find my way
Do I have to leave for good so I can stay?

Of little worth it seems that I have been
Do I have to vanish to be seen?
A question hurting like a twisting knife
Do I have to die to be alive?

In someone's darkest night

It was you who became their light

With a seemingly silent scream

Waking someone from their evil dream

Break through the shadow wall

Get out and take your curtain call

You are what you were meant to be

And you don't need to die to be free

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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No more will I be turning your water into wine
Don't you dare to come and try steal my shine
You're the monkey on my back
Tightening the noose around my neck
Only poisoned thoughts within your head
What you call life is much worse than being dead

A burnt down bridge you're trying to mend
But you'll never reach the other end
While I've reached the higher ground
Your level is too low to be found
While I'm reaching for the brightest light
Your spark of light is out of sight

This darkness lurking inside your mind

I'm leaving all of it behind

No longer am I prisoner to thee

Me giving up is something you will never see

(copyright ©2020-2024 by (by Ella Baphomet))

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